Chemical and Colouration Solution Providers


Your Colour and Chemical Partner

We add value to these industries by acting as a conduit between manufacturers of colorants and chemicals and our customers.
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Processing leather is one of the oldest skilled handicraft trades that exist and through our partners Stahl and Marden Wilde we provide value-added solutions by providing state-of-the-art technical support and innovative products.
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We offer an extensive range of dyes and chemicals from market-leading partners to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to the textile industry.
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Performance Coatings
Through our partners, we can deliver specialty finishes and coating solutions to an extensive range of industries.
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Our Environmental Focus

We meet the concerns of the industry with regards to quality, consistency and innovation while respecting the ecological requirements of the global market.
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Laboratory Services
Our commitment to our customer base is demonstrated by having a regionally based lab facility which has been invaluable as our customers’ needs have become much more varied and urgent
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Product Development
In mature markets manufacturers require a competitive edge to survive and hopefully grow their business. We see our role as a resource to our manufacturing partners, not only as a supplier of chemicals.
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Technical Service
With the ever increasing push for new products and processes in the challenging market place, the need for technical people and technical advice is perhaps greater than in the past.
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